Workshops, Professional Makeup and Image Consulting

Self-makeup workshops and personalized Image Consulting services, according to your needs to enhance your personality and achieve your goals.

Makeup and hairstyle service for events such as weddings, filming and catwalk.

My goal is to help you highlight and improve your internal and external beauty.

Self-makeup workshops

Personal image consultants

Professional Makeup for Weddings, Photo Shoots, Advertising and Documentaries

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For a sustainable world

I believe in supporting small companies that invest in the development of sustainable materials, I use synthetic hair brushes, never of animal origin, The products are not tested on animals and I believe in the reuse of objects; That is why, in the workshops, I teach you to properly use what you already have and to give life to what you considered lost or “unrepairable.”

I apply it to my daily life, I consume less and less meat, I have been an ovo-vegetarian for 5 years, I believe that we can build a better world, in which we give the same importance and respect to our environment as we do to ourselve and the beings around us.

The secret to change is to focus your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.